Well Played: The Delicious, Wacky Allure of Parker Posey

In writing a post earlier today — this one, wherein Parker is pulling a hilarious face for the paparazzi – I was reminded that (a) she is a bloomin’ delight, and (b) she has fantastically wacky taste in accessories. She also always appears amused and delighted to see the paparazzi, owns some excellent vintage sunglasses, has a really cute dog, was once photobombed by Ethan Hawke, and has worn several turbans. She’s only six years older than I am, so I’m making Transform Into Parker Posey my goal for the next five years. I can totally do it.

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In Case You Missed It: August’s Most Popular Posts

It’s always interesting to me to see what posts Fug Nation is most interested in each month — for those of you with methodological questions, I do filter out Royals Round-Up from this list — and every month I feel I learn more about you. You like abs, Michelle Obama, weird outfits of yesteryear, historical doubtfulness, complaining about Kardashians and the Kardashiajacent, stripes, and the Olympics. Yeah, that seems about right.

1.The Blake Lively Retrospective brought a reminder that she was once our beloved Boobs Legsly

2.Rio’s Olympic Swimming Abs! They’re very much worth your time.

3.The world’s most horrifying errands-running ensemble. Seriously.

4. Sequins! Synchronized.

5.The Continuing Adventures of the KardashiJenners/Jennerdashians. Say what you will about them, they do not give us a lack of things to discuss.

6.Ye Olde Olympics Parade of Nations, and the delicious Tongan flag-bearer.

7.Hoooooray for the Final Five! And the rest of the women gymnasts and their leotards.

8.Michelle Obama’s looks for the Singapore State Visit. The President gave her a thumbs up, and so do we.

9.Princess Anne’s Long and Storied History of Looking Both Foxy and Skeptical. Doubtful since birth. 

10.Everybody in Stripes!

And, in case you missed any of them this month, we had some great, really fun Afternoon Chats:

1. Your Favorite Vacation Buys

2. What’s your absolute number one Favorite Beauty Product?

3. What are our thoughts about mules? (The shoe, not the animal.)

4. And this post is CHOCKABLOCK with amazing recommendations for vacation reading material.




Well Played: Paris Hilton


Well, great. Do you hear those hooves? It’s that quartet of apocalyptic jockeys coming.

Paris Hilton

I officially envy how Paris Hilton looks while knocking around town doing errands. All of 2004-08 would never believe it.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: The Recent Candids of Reese Witherspoon

Reese seems like she’s in a good mood lately. Come with me and eyeball her sunglasses and solve a cookbook mystery.

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Fugs and Fines: The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe

It seems VERY BOLD, to me, to invite your children to  your Comedy Central roast. Then again, Rob Lowe’s children have Google and probably read his autobiography, so what secrets could there be.

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Well Played: The Best Accessories of August 2016

Shoes! Jewels! Bags! Muscles! Socks! Medals! Sportsmanship! Pastries?


What the Fug: Kim Kardashian and Olivia Munn at Kanye’s “Famous” Exhibit

Kim & Olivia

OLIVIA: Hey Kim.

KIM: Heyyyyyyy.

OLIVIA: So… I thought this was a costume party?

KIM: Kickin’.

OLIVIA: Yes, but… was I not supposed to come as a Kardashian?

KIM: Bangin’.

OLIVIA: Because like, the braids, and the sheers, and these shorts… I’m kind of all of you rolled into one.

KIM: Roll it baby.

OLIVIA: Okay seriously though. Is this a costume party?

KIM: That’s fly.

OLIVIA: Are you even listening?

KIM: It’s a wig.

OLIVIA: Can I just say anything I want right now?

KIM: That’s sooooo dope.

OLIVIA: Oh, okay, this could be good. That outfit is the worst.

KIM: Rad.

OLIVIA: It’s a mesh bag over long underwear. And it’s giving you a labia shadow.

KIM: Oh em GEEE that would be the best Snapchat filter.

OLIVIA: NOW you pay attention? Shit.

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